1. You simply go to the app store from any smart device and find FasCard in the app store or marketplace.
  2. Once you have downloaded the app you will click sign up and register for your free account.
  3. It will email you a verification code to complete registration. 
  4. Don’t forget to enter the coupon code EAGGEZ to sign you up as a Tumble Fresh VIP where you save a minimum of 10% every day and get your first $5.00 free! 

Your bank, and all banks for that matter, have a $20 hold on all transactions that are initiated until the final amount of the transaction is processed. The hold is initiated by the credit card processing company but then held by your bank until the actual transaction amount clears, generally within 24 to 48 hours depending on the banks policy.

Although it is rare, we have had machine malfunctions in the past. If your wash cycle will not unlock your clothing, please report this to our 24-hour customer service line at (651) 666-3982 and follow the prompt: Option 1, option 5. Or, you can submit a contact form at tumblefreshlaundry.com/contact

  1. We have a wide variety washer size. We have max fill lines displayed on the front of the machines that will help to guide you to the correct size.
  2. For both washers and dryers, you want the clothing to be able to tumble freely in the machine to get the best wash and dry possible. 

Each machine is a little different, but they have their own specific instructions on the front of the machine for liquid and powder detergents. PODS will go directly into the washer.

We would love to chat with you about current opportunities please fill out an application and Join our cleaning team (tumblefreshlaundry.com).

  1. Our washers start as low as $3.50 and go up depending on size and cycle upgrades
  2. Our dryers start at $2.75 and go up with size 

We have a wide variety of laundry products available for the low price of $1.75 at our Soap Center located near the Change machines.