Laundry Prepping to Save Your Clothes and Your Money!

There are approximately three hundred and fifty loads of laundry done by the average American family each year. That's correct; 350 loads! Can you believe it?


Whether you're in the mood for a quick reminder or an in-depth guide, follow these five simple steps to ensure that your laundry is as clean as possible. These straightforward actions will guarantee that your garments are cleaner, safe from the wash and dryer, and save you money while you do laundry at one of many conveniently located Tumble Fresh Coin Laundromats.


Tag, You're It!


Every garment is tagged with a care label. If you want to maintain a good relationship with your clothing, the most effective approach to do so is to learn about their true personalities. By just simply reading the care tag, you’ll find out if they prefer hot or warm water, how they should be dried, or if they need to be washed separately.


Dirty, Really Dirty, and Denim.


Certain types of clothing are more demanding than others. While you may be tempted to put them all in the same vigorous laundry cycle, needless agitation will accelerate the deterioration of your clothes. It’s usually better to make two distinct groups of laundry loads. One for those clothes you wore only a few hours ago while binge-watching Netflix, which you can do at one of our big community tables, and another for denim and more rough durable textiles. Your more durable clothes deserve their own heap because of their rough and tough texture, which may rub the rest of your stuff the wrong way. Separate loads save not only your clothes, but also money, and detergent.


Clothes Prefer Their Own Cliques.


The first step in separating your laundry is to make sure you aren't drowning anything that isn't designed to swim (such as silk, wool, and linen). The next stage is to group your garments into the appropriate categories. A pile for the darks (black, navy, forest green), a pile for the whites, and a pile for all!


The temperature you wash your clothes is determined by the colors. Hot water washes out the shadows, and cold water leaves your whites gray. As a result, you'll get more use out of your wardrobe and avoid having a dark red shirt turn your whites pink.


Pockets are Conspiring Against You.


Everything that goes in your pockets should not be washed. However, pockets have a way of hiding their contents. They see washing their hands like a little repayment for all the work they have to do. Pens, lipstick, notes, gum, and coins all risk causing damage to your laundry or breaking your washer if left in there. Be sure to check your pockets before you throw your clothes in the wash because it can destroy your clothes and can potentially wreck our machines.


Zippers and Buttons Don’t Play Well with Others


The majority of washer spin cycles reach around 60 to 80 miles per hour—that's a category one hurricane. With all those open zippers and loose buttons during agitation and the spin cycle, your clothing gets a little roughed up. There's a lot of nipping, scratching, and pounding going on. Zip and button everything up to avoid damage to your other clothes.


That's all there is to it. Five easy steps that will give your clothing the affection they need, save you money and avoid any unpleasant wash mishaps. Take care of your clothes and they'll take care of you!