How to not lose your socks while doing laundry

One sock, two sock, red sock, blue sock. Yes, that is the trouble and what ignites the chain reaction of most of us wearing mismatch color socks all the time after doing laundry. To make life more convenient for you and your socks at our luxury laundromats, here are some tips so you don't lose your blue sock at your nearest Tumble Fresh!

Separate your socks in a separate mesh bag to protect them. Washing them in a mesh bag along with your laundry keeps those socks from getting lost or stuck with other clothes in the washer and dryer machine by putting it into the mesh bag first before throwing it into the washing basket.

You can also wash socks separately in a separate load that includes underwear and towels. It's best to wash them with their match - that is, your black socks should go into the washer together with your black underwear and then the dryer machine.

Separate socks by color to make it easier for you. There is nothing more frustrating than opening your dryer machine after an hour of waiting and seeing a bunch of socks are mixed together, right? Make it easier on yourself during the laundry process by making sure that all matching socks go into the same load - this means they should be washed and dried together to avoid socks from getting lost or mixed up.

Separate socks by material type so it's easier on the dryer machine and your wallet in general. Socks are made of different materials, just like clothing is - cotton socks should be washed with other cotton socks and not wool socks because washing two types of fabrics will shrink at different temperatures of water.

Overall, the best way without thinking about this too much is to use the mesh bag method. Laundromats, especially at Tumble Fresh, are always littered with socks and we only want to help your experience to be more happy and joyful, because nothing ruins a laundry experience more than lost socks.