Five Mind Blowing Facts About Laundry

We love laundry, thinking it's fun, but it's who we are. But for most, laundry is a mundane task that we all have to do. But what if we told you that laundry is actually quite fascinating? Here are five mind-blowing facts about laundry that you probably didn't know!

1. 70% of Dirt Isn't Visible On Your Clothes

Do you think those t-shirts are clean? Perhaps you should reconsider. Your clothing may still appear to be fine after a few washes, but it's the "human matter" in them that makes them dirty, according to scientists. It consists of dead skin cells, sweat, natural body oils, and so on.

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2. Your Body Perspires 6 Liters of Sweat a Day

Yikes. It's crazy to think on a normal day, an average adult loses approximately six liters of sweat (half through our feet... anyone can say 'stinky socks'!). We even keep sweating while we sleep at one liter every night, which is why washing your bedding every week is so important.

Don't these first two facts just motivate you more to do laundry on a weekly basis? And it's a great reminder to bring all of your bedding in too! We have washers that can do up to 12 loads of laundry so you can wash all of your family's bedding!

3. The First At-Home Washing Machine Was Invented for His Wife's Birthday Present.

The very first washing machine was invented in 1782 by H. Sidgier of Great Britain, a design honed by other inventors afterward - including William Blackstone, who invented the first at-home washer as a birthday gift for his wife that lead to the first mass-marketed machine in 1908.

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4. Detergent was Invented Due to a Soap Shortage.

During World War I, a shortage of fats to make soap led to the development of a synthetic type of detergent. In 1933 this first went on sale as 'Dreft'.

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5. Astronauts Have No Washers and Dryers!

With no washing machines up in space, dirty laundry gets shuttled off into infinity and beyond - along with anything else unnecessary to bring home. Could we see Tumble Fresh Laundry on the moon in the near future?

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What are your favorite crazy laundry facts?